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New year, new bathroom: Tips for remodelling

Posted By V1 Plumbing,
07/01/2020 10:10 AM
When you come to that important decision to remodel your bathroom, there are a few key decisions you need to make. The main one when it comes plumbing is that fact you may have to reposition...

Water Saving Tips

Posted By V1 Plumbing,
18/12/2019 11:00 AM
At V1 plumbing we can provide you with advice on how you can improve the efficiency of your plumbing system, how to save money on water bills. Managing running water can be expensive for many...

Shower-head issues, A how-to guide.

Posted By V1 plumbing,
10/12/2019 09:00 AM
Eventually, over time in your house or unit, you may need to change your showerhead in your bathroom because your current showerhead is old, you need to save water or it may need a general upgrade. Re...

Truth or Dare - Plumbing myths explored

Posted By V1 plumbing,
16/09/2019 11:00 AM
  V1 plumbing explores the myriad of plumbing myths and DIY techniques out there, but can they can be trusted?   Myth: A plunger will do the trick. Fact: Actually the plunger can do more...

What to do with a smelly drain

Posted By V1 plumbing,
12/09/2019 15:00 PM
An odour in the bath room can make any visit to the powder room a night mare. However, before all is lost, there are 2 key rules to follow before professional plumbing services are needed.   1,...

Why choose V1 Plumbing

Posted By V1 plumbing,
07/09/2019 17:00 PM
V1 plumbing is a 24/7 plumbing service based in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Started by David Vlasic 10 years ago with 20 years of experience under his belt. V1 plumbing is all about customer...

Choosing the right local plumber

Posted By V1 plumbing,
09/04/2019 11:30 AM
Even if your home is brand new, it pays to spend some time finding a local residential plumber that you can rely on – because if an emergency happens, you want to know you’re calling someone you...

Things that can go wrong if you don’t attend to blocked drains quickly

Posted By V1 plumbing,
22/01/2019 13:00 PM
While it may not seem like a big deal to flush the occasional wipes down the drain or put food scraps or coffee grounds down the sink, they can cause huge issues for your plumbing system. Choosing to...

When you need to call the plumber because DIY is not an option

Posted By V1 plumbing,
13/12/2018 09:00 AM
While there are often some small residential plumbing maintenance jobs you can perform to save yourself some cash, it’s always important to know when you should definitely call a professional...