Water Saving Tips

Posted By V1 Plumbing  
11:00 AM

At V1 plumbing we can provide you with advice on how you can improve the efficiency of your plumbing system, how to save money on water bills. Managing running water can be expensive for many homeowners out there. Yet, running water is a necessity for all homes, but it may come at a high cost leaving you with bills coming out from your ears. A growing family, especially in Sydney where you need water for showering, loads of laundry, and dishwashing can really increase your water bill. Here are some tips to really penny pinch and be clever with your water use.


1, Upgrade Washing Machines: You can also save money by upgrading your washing machine, you may save 50% more water compared to your current model.  Also upgrading your dishwashers: Washing dishes by hand costs you more on water bills than using a dishwasher. Upgrading your dishwasher to a more efficient model will save you 30% more water compared to conventional methods. It also ends up being about 80% more efficient than washing dishes by hand.


2, Water efficient fixtures: A non water efficient tap for toilets and showers may be using up to 41 litres per person, per day. If any of these fixtures are growing older, you should definitely consider replacing them. In the long run you are saving more water and being more environmentally friendly.


3, Consider rain water: You can also reuse storm water for your own green purposes. rain water collection involves using a rooftop drum that can collect and distribute water for landscaping irrigation.


4, Improve your Water Meters: Call us at V1 plumbing to have us check your water meter, modern water meters can detect leaks in your home and give you detailed information on your water usage. Not only will this let you know if you need to change your water usage habits, it will also allow you to see where the majority of your water is going.


Contact V1 Plumbing to schedule a consultation we can help you to learn more on how to save money on your water bills, available to you 24/7 in all areas of Sydney and the best part is we don’t have a call out fee.