Choosing the right local plumber

Posted By V1 plumbing  
11:30 AM

Even if your home is brand new, it pays to spend some time finding a local residential plumber that you can rely on – because if an emergency happens, you want to know you’re calling someone you trust.


These days any quick internet search can yield hundreds of likely suspects all claiming they’re experts at what they do. When you need a plumber in a hurry, reading reviews and weighing up alternatives is a burden you don't have time for. You're more likely to pick the first reasonable sounding alternative you find.


Why choose local?

When it comes to emergency plumbing services, local tradies make more sense. They can usually get to your home faster, and they know your area inside out.


You want someone who has specialised local knowledge because time is money and the quicker your plumber finds out what's wrong, the faster they can get on to fixing it and the less you'll pay in hourly rates.


But how do you choose?

Even if you do some homework ahead of time, how do you know your plumber has the bona fides to do the job right?  Here are five foolproof ways to make the right decision:


  1. Check their licences. This should be a no brainer – if your chosen plumber doesn’t have a relevant and appropriate license to perform the work you require, you’ll end up voiding your home insurance and paying through the nose if anything goes wrong. Plumbing licenses mean an individual has completed all the necessary training to plumb safely and expertly. It's an essential requisite for choosing the right local plumber.
  2. Make sure they have insurance. A plumber can't get coverage if they don't have a license. If the works they do for you go awry, there's no fall back to cover the damage. That means you'll be out of pocket with no recourse to recover your losses. Get details of their insurance for your peace of mind.
  3. Ask your friends and family. Ask for recommendations from people whose opinions you trust. There's nothing like word of mouth to sort the oats from the chaff, and you might even be able to get a family discount!
  4. Read reviews. Once you’ve got a list of likely candidates from your friends and family, it’s time to hit the web. Review sites should give you some good first-hand accounts of plumbers on your list.
  5. Enquire about their experience. A professional plumber will have no problems answering any specific questions you have about their experience. You want to know the kinds of work they do and whether they're know how meshes with your needs. Experienced plumbers focus on growing their business, so they'll be more likely to arrive on time, take care of your property and clean up before they leave.
  6. Ask about their processes. The final step is to find the plumber that is candid about how they work, how they quote and whether there are any hidden costs you should know about. A trustworthy local plumber will be utterly transparent in the quoting stage, so there’s no nasty surprises later. Only when you both agree on the costs should work begin on your project.