Truth or Dare - Plumbing myths explored

Posted By V1 plumbing  
11:00 AM


V1 plumbing explores the myriad of plumbing myths and DIY techniques out there, but can they can be trusted?


Myth: A plunger will do the trick.

Fact: Actually the plunger can do more damage if you don’t know that you are doing, this one is definitely best saved for the professionals like us at V1 plumbing, using your hand to navigate your pipes is the best practise. 


Myth: Just tighten the tap as hard as you can.

Fact: We are programmed to understand on and off with taps, left to loosen, right to close. This doesn’t actually fix your problem; it increases the chance for more damage. If the tap is leaking, you need to get it looked at. A quality, residential plumber should be able to advise you on the issue.


Myth: Most food scraps can go down the disposal drain.

Fact: This one is completely wrong; egg shells, nuts, bits of bone or discarded shell fish can damage the blades and ruin the drain. Bread and cereals are the worst as they can even bloat and block your pipes. Not a common feature in the majority of Australian kitchens but if you do have one, best practise is to throw all your food scraps in the bin.


V1 plumbing is all about sharing knowledge with clients about these myths and advising best practises, better maintenance for the long term. Give us a call, any plumbing issues V1 plumbing is here to help you 24/7 in all areas servicing Sydney.