New year, new bathroom: Tips for remodelling

Posted By V1 Plumbing  
10:10 AM

When you come to that important decision to remodel your bathroom, there are a few key decisions you need to make. The main one when it comes plumbing is that fact you may have to reposition your pipes and plumbing. Here are a few tips and choices from our experiences at V1 plumbing that will help you with the process.


1, Simplicity is always the key 

Choosing new bathroom tiles is either a love or hate situation. In fact, it can be one of the best parts of the process as it shows off your design flair. It’s always best practise to think of your overall design aesthetic. Keep the tiles simple, lets say the if you want the shower or bathtub as the key feature. The floor tiles and shower tiles can always be separately, so keep the colour and design your main priority. White tiles are the standard feature in most bathrooms as it promotes a clean aesthetic but lets other features stand out. Coloured or printed tiles always give a space a design touch and accents the specific colour scheme,


2, Basin and counter style

The big one is always kitchens, it’s all about counters in kitchens but other places in your house have counters too, especially in the bathroom. This is when your design hat is needed, granite and marble are big in kitchens but they have also started to make their way into bathrooms. Costly but can instantly create that luxe sanctuary type feel. Needing something more cost effect? At V1 plumbing we recommend using engineered stone or even laminate in neutral colours to give that polished feel without the cost. Even if that’s a budget stretch, a new coat of paint gives an old bathroom an instant facelift. Using a satin finish is the way to go as it adds another level of protection from humidity and mildew.


3, New Fixtures to accent

A quick refresh for all budgets, getting brand new fixtures can help breathe new life into your bathroom by switching out the toilet, the tub, the sink, and the vanity for newer models that are more in line with your design aesthetic. Even the minute small changes like the lights, towel racks, and drawer-handles in your bathroom also make a day to night difference. For all your plumbing needs from renovations, leaking taps, hot water tank options. Contact V1 plumbing, servicing all areas of Sydney 24/7 and the icing on the cake is that we don’t charge call out fees.