Shower-head issues, A how-to guide.

Posted By V1 plumbing  
09:00 AM

Eventually, over time in your house or unit, you may need to change your showerhead in your bathroom because your current showerhead is old, you need to save water or it may need a general upgrade. Replacing the unit can be simple but it also can create more drama. Follow these steps for replacing the showerhead, at V1 plumbing we recommend having some prior experience in construction or building. If you are a novice or a lover of the DIY movement, take it slow.

  1. Change the showerhead with a wretch, hold the shower arm, so it doesn’t break off at the wall.
  2. Remove any excess gunk like dirt or old plumber’s tape
  3. Cover the loose threads of the pipe with plumber’s tape.
  4. Use a wrench, tighten the showerhead onto the shower arm. A pair of channel locks will also be used to hold the shower arm in place to prevent it from twisting or breaking.
  5. Your new showerhead replacement should be ready to go.

Lost? Or unsure then it’s time to call V1 plumbing to have showerheads installed professionally if you run into issues following the steps above. If you have questions or concerns regarding your showerhead, contact V1 plumbing, the plumbing experts. We are available to you 24/7 in all areas of Sydney and the best part is we don’t have a call-out fee. Contact us now.