What to do with a smelly drain

Posted By V1 plumbing  
15:00 PM

An odour in the bath room can make any visit to the powder room a night mare. However, before all is lost, there are 2 key rules to follow before professional plumbing services are needed.


1, Keeping the airflow ventilated:

Making sure the fan is being used after you’ve used the bathroom and opening the windows on a regular basis, this prevents mildew and dispelling any build up of mould. Making sure the fan is being cleaned often is essential, this is important in humid Sydney climates.


2, Cleaning: this may seem obvious but a good thorough clean in all nooks and crannies around the basin and the back of the toilet and pipes may eliminate any smell. Hosing down the basin and toilet unit can really aide with any unpleasant smells, we recommend once a week.


After all boxes are ticked and the smell won’t go away, you may have a plumbing issue. It’s time for V1 plumbing to inspect for mould build up and any signs of blockages in the pipes. We do not recommend using do it at home concoctions down the drain, not environmentally friendly and can damage the pipes. Let V1 plumbing help eliminate all your residential plumbing issues, 24/7 contact us now.